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電気グルーヴが「UFOholic(Acid Abduction Mix)」のミュージックビデオを公開

2017/08/08 20:08掲載(Last Update:2017/08/08 20:11)
電気グルーヴ『UFOholic』(Acid Abduction Mix)MUSIC VIDEO
電気グルーヴ『UFOholic』(Acid Abduction Mix)MUSIC VIDEO
電気グルーヴが「UFOholic(Acid Abduction Mix)」のミュージックビデオを公開。ディレクターはUK奇才アニメーターCYRIAK。Coca ColaのCM、フライング・ロータスやBonoboのMVを手掛けたことでも知られる人物。日本国内で映像ディレクターにCYRIAKを起用するのは今回が初とのこと。この曲は最新アルバム『TROPICAL LOVE LIGHTS』に収録


A super-intelligent robot horse is floating through space, dreaming about the life it lived many years ago. It tries to re-live this past happiness, but as is often the way with nostalgia, what it ends up creating is something altogether new and overpowering. That is the strange story behind this video. The ideas of technology and happy memories were inspired by how the music sounded to me. It also reminded me of a horse for some reason, perhaps in the way that horses have traditionally been a living part of human technology, and imagining a future where this role was taken to its extreme conclusion. Horses make me laugh as well, so it might just be that.