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【追悼チャック・ベリー】 米ビルボード誌が「チャック・ベリー楽曲の必聴カヴァー 15選」を発表

2017/03/20 00:34掲載(Last Update:2017/03/20 01:58)
Chuck Berry
Chuck Berry
【追悼チャック・ベリー】 米ビルボード誌が「チャック・ベリー(Chuck Berry)楽曲の必聴カヴァー 15選」を発表

The Beatles, "Roll Over Beethoven" and "Rock and Roll Music"

John Lennon, "You Can't Catch Me"

Electric Light Orchestra, "Roll Over Beethoven"

The Rolling Stones, "Come On," "Carol" and "Little Queenie"

The Yardbirds, "Too Much Monkey Business"

Nina Simone, "Brown Eyed Handsome Man"

AC/DC, "School Days"

Motorhead, "Let It Rock"

Faces, "Memphis"

Linda Ronstadt, "Back In the U.S.A."

MC5, "Back In the U.S.A."

Jimi Hendrix, "Johnny B. Goode"