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ガイデッド・バイ・ヴォイシズのロバート・ポラード 新ソロ・アルバム『Of Course You Are』が全曲フル試聴可

2016/02/27 23:45掲載
Robert Pollard / Of Course You Are
Robert Pollard / Of Course You Are
ガイデッド・バイ・ヴォイシズ(Guided By Voices)のフロントマン、ロバート・ポラード(Robert Pollard)。新ソロ・アルバム『Of Course You Are』が全曲フル試聴可。発売は海外で3月4日。リリース元はFire America。

●『Of Course You Are tracklist』

1 "My Daughter Yes She Knows"
2 "Long Live Instant Pandemonium"
3 "Come And Listen"
4 "Little Pigs"
5 "Promo Brunette"
6 "I Can Illustrate"
7 "The Hand That Holds You"
8 "Collision Daycare"
9 "That's The Way You Gave It To Me"
10 "Contemporary Man (He Is Our Age)"
11 "Losing It"
12 "Of Course You Are"