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元イエスのジョン・アンダーソンが「お気に入りのイエス・アルバム TOP5」を発表

2015/11/12 15:24掲載
Jon Anderson
Jon Anderson
イエス(Yes)のヴォーカル、ジョン・アンダーソン(Jon Anderson)が「お気に入りのイエス・アルバム TOP5」を発表。米ニューヨーク市郊外のロングアイランドを拠点にする新聞Long Island Weekly企画。コメントもジョン

1. Fragile (Atlantic) [1971]
“It was a very magic time and that wound up being a very inventive album.”

2. Close To the Edge (Atlantic) [1972]
“It wound up being an extension of Fragile.”

3. Going For the One (Atlantic) [1977]
“‘Awaken’ is one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever for me.”

4. 90125 (Atlantic) [1983]
“It was very revolutionary sounding.”

5. Magnification (Beyond) [2001]
“It’s the last album I did with Yes and I think it was very beautiful.”