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2012/03/17 20:45掲載
ポスト・パンクのレジェンド、ワイヤー(Wire)のコリン・ニューマンが手掛けたミックス音源が無料DL可。self-titled Magazineのミックス企画「Needle Exchange」にて公開。約63分

1. Virgin Prunes, “Baby Turns Blue (CN Remix)”
2. The Rapture, “Sister Saviour (DFA Dub)”
3. Gina X Performance, “No G.D.M.”
4. Gingy & Bordello, “Body Acid (Original Mix)”
5. Celluloide, “People Like Me”
6. Antelope, “Reflector”
7. Neu!, “Hallogallo”
8. Lesbians On Ecstasy, “Tell Me Does She Love the Bass (Sean Kosa Remix)”
9. Factory Floor, “Two Different Ways”
10. Ladytron, “Blue Jeans”
11. Minimal Compact, “Dedicated”