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Queen 1980 & Queen 2019
Queen 1980 & Queen 2019
クイーン(Queen)のメンバー4人が1980年に米ルイジアナ州ニューオーリンズで撮影した写真。同じ場所を、クイーンのブライアン・メイ(Brian May)ロジャー・テイラー(Roger Taylor)が訪れ、新たな写真を撮影、ブライアンのInstagramページで公開されています。




I had to find the spot where that lovely old group photo was taken. We did ! It’s at Royal and Toulouse, in New Orleans French Quarter - and although a few things have changed, a lot of the ancient features are still there. The lamp post has been extended upwards - presumably to accommodate that less-than-pretty piece of ‘No Right Turn’ signage - and I seem to have lost my mates ! But ... well, it was a nice feeling to get back there. Now ... how about those other memories. ! Where’s Peaches ?!! Aaaah ... it’s 2019. How did that happen ..? BIG THANKS to my dear friend Kimberley Barsana for sending me this great antique pic and starting a nice quest ! And thanks to Liam Wheatley who took my picture here, and Zoe Smith who led the search party ! The chap in the background in the picture from 1980 is Walter Versen - who was, for a number of years, my security guard and friend in those days. We are still pals. And, by the way, if you’re interested in this stuff, there are lots more vintage pictures and stories in my book —— QUEEN in 3-D. Cheers - Bri

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