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イエス全183曲を米Ultimate Classic Rockがランク付け

2018/12/09 08:21掲載
イエス(Yes)全183曲を米クラシック・ロック系サイトUltimate Classic Rockがランク付け。


183. "Abilene," (from reissue of 1978’s Tormato)

182. "Last Train" (Magnification outtake from the 2002 box set In a Word)
181. "In a World of Our Own" (from 2014's Heaven & Earth)
180. "Money" (from reissue of 1978's Tormato)
179. "Saving My Heart" (from 1991's Union)
178. "Man in the Moon" (from 1997's Open Your Eyes)
177. "It Was All We Knew" (from 2014's Heaven & Earth)
176. "If Only You Knew" (from 1999's The Ladder)
175. "I Am Waiting" (from 1994's Talk)
174. "Lightning Strikes" (from 1999's The Ladder)
173. "State of Play" (from 1994's Talk)
172. "Real Love" (from 1994's Talk)
171. "Countryside" (from reissue of 1978's Tormato)
170. "Walls" (from 1994's Talk)
169. "In the Tower" (from reissue of 1980’s Drama)


50. "Life on a Film Set" (from 2011's Fly From Here)
49. "Into the Storm" (from 2011's Fly From Here)
48. "I See You" (from 1969's Yes)
47. "The Prophet" (from 1970's Time and a Word)
46. "Clap" (from 1971's The Yes Album)
45. "The Remembering (High the Memory)" (from 1973's Tales From Topographic Oceans)
44. "On the Silent Wings of Freedom" (from 1978's Tormato)
43. "The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus)" (from 1971's Fragile)
42. "Mood for a Day" (from 1971's Fragile)
41. "Yesterday and Today" (from 1969's Yes)

40. "Astral Traveller" (from 1970's Time and a Word)
39. "Something’s Coming" (from 1997's Something's Coming: The BBC Recordings 1969-1970)
38. "America" (from 1972 compilation The New Age of Atlantic, 1975 compilation Yesterdays)
37. "Run Through the Light" (from 1980's Drama)
36. "Ritual (Nous Sommes du Soleil)" (from 1973's Tales From Topographic Oceans)
35. "The Revealing Science of God (Dance of the Dawn)" (from 1973’s Tales From Topographic Oceans)
34. "Future Times / Rejoice" (from 1978's Tormato)
33. "Into the Lens" (from 1980's Drama)
32. "Wonderous Stories" (from 1977's Going for the One)
31. "Tempus Fugit" (from 1980's Drama)

30. "Turn of the Century" (from 1977's Going for the One)
29. "Leave It" (from 1983's 90125)
28. “A Venture” (from 1971’s The Yes Album)
27. "Perpetual Change" (from 1971's The Yes Album)
26. "Sound Chaser" (from 1974's Relayer)
25. "Does It Really Happen?" (from 1980's Drama)
24. "Fly From Here" (from 2011's Fly From Here)
23. "Beyond and Before" (from 1969's Yes)
22. "Then" (from 1970's Time and a Word)
21. "Sweet Dreams" (from 1970's Time and a Word)

20. "That, That Is" (from 1996's Keys to Ascension)
19. "Going for the One" (from 1977's Going for the One)
18. "Onward" (from 1978's Tormato)
17. "Machine Messiah" (from 1980's Drama)
16. "Long Distance Runaround" (from 1971's Fragile)
15. "To Be Over" (from 1974's Relayer)
14. "Time and a Word" (from 1970's Time and a Word)
13. "Survival" (from 1969's Yes)
12. "Yours Is No Disgrace" (from 1971's The Yes Album)
11. "South Side of the Sky" (from 1971's Fragile)

10. "Owner of a Lonely Heart" (from 1983's 90125)

9. "The Gates of Delirium" (from 1974's Relayer)

8. "Siberian Khatru" (from 1972's Close to the Edge)

7. "Starship Trooper" (from 1971's The Yes Album)

6. "Awaken" (from 1977's Going for the One)

5. "Roundabout" (from 1971's Fragile)

4. "Heart of the Sunrise" (from 1971's Fragile)

3. "I've Seen All Good People" (from 1971's The Yes Album)

2. "And You and I" (from 1972's Close to the Edge)

1. "Close to the Edge" (from 1972's Close to the Edge)