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2018/06/27 14:24掲載
Brian May
Brian May
天文学者でもあるクイーン(Queen)ブライアン・メイ(Brian May)が、小惑星探査機「はやぶさ2」が捉えた小惑星「リュウグウ」の画像を立体視用に加工。「はやぶさ2」のツイッターが「リュウグウの写真を立体視用に加工していただきました。表面の凹凸が非常によく分かります。Thank you very much! > Dr. Brian May」と感謝のツイートをしています。ブライアン・メイは先日、自身のツイッターに「リュウグウ」の画像を「いい写真だ。みなさんおめでとう」と祝意のコメントを投稿していました。

This is the very first (official!) 3-D close-up of Asteroid 162173 RYUGU. The Japanese Hayabusa2 team have scored a new triumph by parking their probe only tens of kilometres away from this extremely dark near-Earth-orbit asteroid. Dr. Patrick Michel brought the two component parts of this stereo to our concert last night. I was honoured to have the opportunity to make this very first stereo compilation - not only of Ryugu, but of any C-type (carbonaceous!) asteroid - in history. Very exciting for us all ! I asked the team for two exposures around 10 minutes apart. They sent me these two lovely images separated by 13 minutes. I’ve applied a few ‘polishes’ to this tonight, and offer it – as authorised – published after 5am. This is to coincide with the JAXA official announcement that the probe has reached its destination. JAXA rocks !!! Visit Hayabusa2@JAXA for updates. Credit: JAXA, University of Tokyo, Kochi University, Rikkyo University, Nagoya University, Chiba Institute of Technology, Meiji University, Aizu University, AIST. Enjoy ! Bri Thanks also to Claudia Manzoni.

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